NFN First WiFi Public Hotspot

Village Falls Professional Center will be the first location where Naples Free-Net installed a public WiFi Hotspot. Not only is the Village Falls Professional Center the home of Naples Free-Net since 2003, it also has a new neighbor, the English Pub, with its customers being able to use the public WiFi Hotspot for their mobile and laptop communication. Other businesses at the center are East Naples Fire Fighters, New England Stamp, Allstate Financial Group, Collier Financial Inc., and Caregiver Education.

With the new WiFi Hotspot, Naples Free-Net also makes the jump into Mobile First, the first access site you’ll reach before you log onto the WiFi, will be a mobile optimized site, which after accepting the Terms of Services, (short, don’t abuse), you are able to learn more about the Naples Free-Net, donate a few dollars to help offset equipment costs and also register for free computer classes and workshop. This newly-created news section will also be available in mobile optimized form.!/NaplesFreeNet/status/164314092251783168/photo/1

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