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How To Help Egypt Get Online

What choices do citizens have when their government cuts off all Internet connectivity? Go abroad, go low tech: A very intersting article.

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With the country’s citizens unable to log on to the Internet as they normally would, people have turned to a variety of other means to get online, including using ham radios, fax machines, and landline phones.



Local Four Star Charities

The website Charity Navigator provides a rating for nonprofits, based on organizational effificency in four areas:

  • Program Expenses
  • Administrative Expenses
  • Fundraising Expenses
  • Fundraising Efficiency

During the season of Giving around the Holiday and Year-End Fundraising drives, Charity Navigator’s rating can be used to help you decide who should receive your hard-earned money.

4-Star Charities in Naples listed on Charity Navigator.:

Click on the organization’s name to get to their website.

15 Year Anniversary: Volunteers Celebrated

In July 1995 the Naples Free-Net was opened to the public after 2 years of planning, learning, building and teaching. This year, Naples Free-Net Volunteers celebrated the 15 Anniversary at the Royal Palm Country Club.

Sonny Saunders, one of the frist-hour volunteers,  has taken pictures throughout the event.
Summer BBQ

15 Year Volunteers

Don Beach, Micheal Koenig, Cathy Dotter, Gene Mattheus, Betty Saunders, Sonny Saunders.
Not in photo: Melody Hainsworth, Mike Maggi, Bill Coakley

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