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NFN Photo Service Update

In November 2013 NFN’s Board of Directors followed Webmaster Birgit Pauli-Haack’s recommendation to phase out the NFN Photos service, after it was determined that hardly any NFN member is using it and the last album created by an NFN member was in April 2011.

We will purge all photo files on January 31, 2014. When we released the service in 2003 we served an urgent need for people to share photos via cloud service rather than attaching them to emails. Our service provided a feature rich environment for private and public sharing of photos.

About 650 albums  and 14,700 photos later the usefulness of the services seem to have run its course. Over the last five years, much better services have mushroomed through out the Internet.

NFN members in good standing will receive an email notification with a link to download their photos in a zip file for archiving. The link will expire on January 31, 2014 and all photos will be purged from our servers at that time. If you haven’t yet migrated to a different photos sharing service, here is a list of sites to explore.

If you feel, a good photos sharing site is missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.   As always, let me know about your thoughts, suggestions and comments,
Your friendly neighborhood Webmaster 
Birgit Pauli-Haack

NFN Education Program Fall 2013

NFN’s founders built the organization on three pillars in 1995, Access, Content and Education. Public education of digital literacy was a major focus point for NFN volunteers and although after 17 years basic internet skills are not in high demand anymore recent surveys revealed the digital literacy is now a job requirements in professions that have long been hands-on only, but are now moved into the digital age with the advent of mobile technology and a bigger need of reporting and tracking of the workforce.

Basic Computer and Internet classes: Public Library & Naples Free-Net

Many companies require future employees to fill out their job applications online and also require e-mail address for communication. In 2012 the Collier County Library started an initiative together with SWFL Workforce and scheduled classes around libraray branches with a remote computer lab. David Chalick recruited instructors among long time NFN volunteers, and June Scott, Marv Weisberg and Birgit Pauli-Haack held monthly classes at the library. The grant did not renew, and a lot of work still needs to be done so NFN education chair James Mc Donald and David Chalick, head librarian at the Collier County Libraray of Golden Gate branch teamed up and came up with a combined plan for additional computer and internet basic classes held at the pubblic library branches and taught be NFN volunteers.

NFN Walk-in Clinics: Computer, Windows, Email, Internet, Digital Photography

Another area of classes are for all levels of skill sets are held weekly at the NFN offices/Computerlab and are designed to be Walk-In Clinics. People with specific questions to a certain range of topics. The Walk-in clinics are for members and non-members the latter will be asked for a $10 donation to the Naples Free-Net.

NFN Tune-up Tuesdays

NFN Volunteers will tuneup your PC desktop or laptap for more efficient running. Download Microsoft updates; update virus protection, check dialup configuration; install free programs that run diagnostics; download updates to your other programs.
Donations are requested: For Premium members: $25.00; for Standard members: $30.00; and for non-members: $40.00.
We will take 2-3 clients each Tuesday on a first-come, first-served basis only. Call our Helpdesk at 417-1400 each TUESDAY ONLY to reserve a spot as available.

NFN4Good WordPress Walk-in Clinic

501 TechClub SWFL – Netsquared

NFN Scholarship Student Sarah Vente at M.I.T.

Dear Naples Free-Net,

Thank you so much for the scholarship! I’ve already finished one semester at M.I.T. and I am really enjoying it. And I am going back to Boston tomorrow.

Thanks again for your generous support.


Found Sarah Vente on Facebook and sent her a message:

Hi Sarah!

I am the president of the Naples Free-Net and wanted to thank you for the pictures you sent to our office of you at M.I.T. I scanned them and would like to use them in the NFN Annual Report as well as upload them to our Naples Free-Net Fan Page together with your lovely Thank you Note. Of course, I would only do that if that’s ok with you.

We are very happy that you are excited about going to M.I.T and I wish you on behalf of the whole board of directors lots of luck and plenty of fun learning.

All the best,

Birgit Pauli-Haack
President Naples Free-Net

NFN First WiFi Public Hotspot

Village Falls Professional Center will be the first location where Naples Free-Net installed a public WiFi Hotspot. Not only is the Village Falls Professional Center the home of Naples Free-Net since 2003, it also has a new neighbor, the English Pub, with its customers being able to use the public WiFi Hotspot for their mobile and laptop communication. Other businesses at the center are East Naples Fire Fighters, New England Stamp, Allstate Financial Group, Collier Financial Inc., and Caregiver Education.

With the new WiFi Hotspot, Naples Free-Net also makes the jump into Mobile First, the first access site you’ll reach before you log onto the WiFi, will be a mobile optimized site, which after accepting the Terms of Services, (short, don’t abuse), you are able to learn more about the Naples Free-Net, donate a few dollars to help offset equipment costs and also register for free computer classes and workshop. This newly-created news section will also be available in mobile optimized form.!/NaplesFreeNet/status/164314092251783168/photo/1