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How to connect to Collier County Public Library’s Wi-Fi on an iPad

During our cooperation with the Collier County Public Library on Computer classes our Naples Free-Net instructors are often asked, how one connects to the Collier County Public Library’s Wi-Fi system, they provide in all branches. We will  discuss this topic in the “Tablet, Smartphones and Apps” lecture this week, but not everyone who needs this information will be able to make it.  No matter if you are NFN member or a Collier County resident or a visitor in our Paradise, this is for you! If you like what you read, we always appreciate a donation to the Naples Free-Net, your 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, all volunteer community network. Go to Settings: How to connect to Collier Count Public Library's Wi-Fi

Go to “Settings”


Check your Wi-Fi setting. If it’s “Off”, use the slider button to switch it “On”.

How to Connect to Library’s Wi-Fi

Ones the Wi-Fi is turned on it will scan the area for broadcasting signals of Wi-Fi networks, and you will see available networks in a list. Those that have a lock next to their name are not public Wi-Fi networks and would need individual access information.

You see “Collier County Public Library in the list. ” Tab on the name to connect.

How to Connect to Library’s Wi-Fi

As soon as you iPad establish connection you see a check mark next to the name “Collier Count Public Library”. Now your iPad is connected but you are not done yet.  You will be guided to the next screen:

How to Connect to Library’s Wi-Fi

You still have to accept the Terms of Use of this public service. You accept those Terms by click on the green button: “Connect to the Internet”.

The next screen shows you the Collier County Public Library’s public website and you are done.



Now you can open any of your APPs to go about reading the news, checking emails, visiting Facebook, or writing online.

These instructions in principle are the same for any tablet or smartphone, be it iOS, Android or other mobile operating systems

Feel free to post questions below in the comment section and we will be happy to answer them.