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New Initiative: One-on-One Tutoring

The Naples Free-Net (NFN) is launching a new individual training service: One-on-One Tutoring. Members and Instructors will meet, primarily at the NFN Office, or any site, at date/time agreed upon by the parties involved.

Donations are requested per hour or any part of an hour as follows:

  • Premimum Members: $25
  • Standard Members: $30
  • Non-Members: $40

Bring a friend/spouse training in the same subject and get one half off for the second person: $12.50, $15, and $20 respectively per hour/part.

We are offering instruction in all Windows Operating Systems, Digital Photography, Wireless Connections, Skype, Microsoft Office Apps, Wireless Mobile (IPAD, IPhone, Android, Tablets, etc), and most Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). Also WordPress, Google+, GoogleApps, and the Cloud. We will suit your training to your needs.

Please email us at: tutornfn@naples.net

Include your Name, NFN UserID (first part of your NFN email address as applicable), Contact Information, and the subject(s) you would like to learn more about.

Or fill out below request form:

[contact-form to=’ tutornfn@naples.net’ subject=’Inquiry for Tutoring session’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’NFNUserId’ type=’text’/][contact-field label=’Select a Topic’ type=’select’ required=’1′ options=’Windows,Digital Photography,Wireless Connections,Microsoft Office Apps,Mobile Devices (ipad%26#x002c; iPhone%26#x002c; Android%26#x002c; Tablets,Social Media (Facebook%26#x002c; Twitter%26#x002c; Instagram%26#x002c; Google+ etc),WordPress,GoogleApps’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Your Phone ‘ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Cell phone number’ type=’text’/][contact-field label=’Other comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

2014 Volunteer Awards – And the Award goes to….

Monday night, President Roger Kastel presented  this year’s Volunteer Awards at the Annual Meeting. Here are his notes. Photos by Al Martinez.

We start with the Distinguished Service Awards:
The Distinguished Service Awards are presented by the Naples Free-Net Board of Directors for unusual contributions to the NFN.

This years awards are presented to:
Bob Luparello Distinguished Service Award 2014Bob Luparello – has worked tirelessly on the Budget, the Investment program and continuously labors with the Treasurey. His outstanding monthly reports keep us generously informed on the Board.

James MacDonald-labors as the Education Administrator, he dedicates many hours setting up classes at various venues, has been instrumental in setting up NFN for Good programming. Our Education Department is second to none. I take pride in presenting with the Distinguished Service Award.

Birgit Pauli-Haack – working as our Webmaster, spends countless hours working on the NFN website, NFN4Good website and the SWFL 501 Tech Club website. Birgit also serves as a member of the NFN BOD’s and also on the NFN Tech Team. Birgit has come to be one of the indispensible persons I rely on to get things done here at the NFN. I am proud to present you with the Distinguished Service Award.

Mary Ann Wallace – Works as the NFN DSL Administrator, wherein she labors many many hours a week, keeping DSL members access to the World Wide Web available. She has to deal with our member the customer, Century Link – hard line pair supplier and Netally – the actual DSL service provider; and then there is the monthly billing cycle that always seems to have lame credit card problems to deal with, and then there is auditing of the monthly bill from Netally. It is my pleasure to present you with the Distinguished Service Award.

Dennis “Duke” Vasey – Who was tasked with generating a Marketing Plan for NFN. Much study on his part looking at where salebility is generated – you@naples.net being a valuable commodity, the Internet of the future – it’s in your handheld device, generating one-on-one services through Tech services and training. Many categories go into a Marketing strategy, Duke looked at seemingly endless options. A great job has been done by one who stepped up to the plate and did the job at hand. I take great pride in presenting you with the NFN Distinguished Service Award.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year Award is granted to the outstanding NFN volunteer and the criteria used in selecting the recipient are as follows:

  • Hours of service
  • Dedication
  • Gongeniality
  • Minimum of one year of service

The award is voted upon by the BOD’s upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee

This years award is presented to George Santos

George Santos Volunteer of the year 2014George is a volunteer who has great patience in dealing with NFN members and the Helpteam members, for he is the Helpteam Coordinator. He has a tremendous capacity to get things accomplished with the limited amount of Helpteam Volunteers he has to work with. George is a very valuable member of the NFN staff, as he also serves on the BOD’s and as the Vice-President. It is with great pleasure that I present you with the Volunteer of the Year award.

Presidents Award

The Presidents Award is to recognize the activities of a BOD member who, through various activities, has shown a broad perspective in leadership within the organization.

The following criteria is utilized in selecting the recipient :

  • Leadership via committee work w/other volunteers –
  • Broad perspective of the organization –
  • Visionary – –
  • The recipient is chosen by the President

Warren Anderson Presidents Award 2014This year it gives me great pleasure to present it to Warren Anderson, our Systems Administrator. I am constantly reminded of Warren’s vast knowledge of Server administration.His technical knowledge keeps our vast array of migrated old and newer servers up to date, so access to the World Wide Web, for NFN members is always available. I want to personally thank him for all the time and effort he puts in for the pleasure of the Naples Free-Net members. I am proud to present him with the NFN Presidents Award.

Annual Meeting 2014 on March 10th

 Annual Meeting, March 10, 2014  7:00pm

Annual Meeting Notification

The Naples Free-Net Annual General Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Monday, March 10, 2014 at the Fleischman Park Community Center. All NFN members are invited to attend.

The Annual General Meeting includes

  • President’s report,
  • a Treasurer’s report,
  • election of NFN board members, and
  • volunteer recognition ceremonies.

If you plan to attend will you please advise by return email to
president@naples.net, as a headcount would be helpful. An agenda will be published closer to the meeting date.


Volunteer Award Nominations 2014

Each year the Naples Free-Net issues Distinguished Service Awards to volunteers who have made unusual personal contributions to the organization.

We opened the nominations to all members of the Naples Free-Net and we were extremely pleased with the members’ participation and are asking you to do so again.
If you know of a volunteer who deserves special recognition for the year 2013, we would appreciate it if you would fill out our award nomination form online .

All nominations must be submitted by January 31, 2014 Successful nominees will be recognized at our annual meeting on March, 10th, 2014.

Is this the year YOU resolve to volunteer for the Naples Free-Net? If so, go to


2013 Board of Directors

Directors & Officers

  • Warren Anderson (warrena@naples.net)
  • William R.(Bill) Coakley (billcoa@naples.net)
  •  Roger Kastel (rogerk@naples.net), President *
  • Bob Luparello (marine@naples.net), Treasurer *
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack (birgit@naples.net), Past-President *
  • George Santos (georges@naples.net), Vice-President *
  • Sonny(H.J.) Saunders (sonny@naples.net)  Secretary *
  • Charles Smallwood (charless@naples.net)
  • Dennis “Duke” Vasey (nfn00215@naples.net)
  • Marv Weisberg (marv@naples.net)
  • Benno Eidus (nfn005341@naples.net)
  • Al Martinez (amartinez@naples.net)

* Executive Committee

Director Emeritus: Melody Hainsworth (melody@naples.net)

Total: 12 Members | Quorum: 7 Members.

Meetings are every second Monday of the month.
Unless otherwise noted, Board meetings are held at the Naples Free -Net Headquarters, 5035 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34113