Switch-over: We’ll try again.

Naples Free-Net All NFN Systems function properly again since Sunday 11:45pm:

We will advise when the switch to US Metropolitan Telecom will in fact occur. Unfortunately, this kind of switch-over event is not entirely testable without actually connecting everything to the new network and see what happens; not unless you create a second universe.

Despite the frustration, we all felt Sunday evening, the team is in good spirit as we almost succeeded. What’s prevented us from going all the way,  was out of our control, and we were able to revert back to a functioning system, so the NFN members are able to get back online, retrieve their e-mails and visit websites.

Our system administrator, Warren Andersong will work with our strategic partners workout the missing links and once solved, he will schedule another switch event. Yes, there will be an outage again.

We apologize for the inconvenient it might have caused for quite a few people, and hope that we can keep interruptions as short as possible.

We’ll keep you posted.

Updated: 7:15 pm – Planned Service Outage Sunday April 17, 2011

Sunday 4/17/2011 7:15pm We will restore old configuration after finding out that the resolution of the missing link is at Century Link. We will need to tackle this again later this week. This is called a false start. Or in hindsight a dress-rehearsal. We learn quite a few things, to say the least. Our goal is to have Naples Free-Net services restored in a couple of hours.

Sunday 4/17/2011 6:00pm we are working with US Metro Techies to find the missing link –  ^bph

Sunday 4/17/2011 – 4:15 pm

  • We are still experiencing problems authenticating dial-in users on our systems.
  • Email is not yet functional.
  • NFN Gateway page is up, not NFN Home page yet
  • all external websites are working.

— bph
Sunday 4/17/2011 – 12:10 pm

The DSN server for the pix – (dial-in have been changed) We are testing connection for NFN dial-up users now.

At the office we are already using the fast Internet connection, yet we are not yet ‘visible’ outside our network.

updated by Birgit Pauli-Haack

Wednesday, April 13, 2011: 1st Email notification sent to NFN Members – ^bph

US Metropolitan Telecom provides fast Internet Connection
US Metropolitan Telecom provides fast Internet Connection


Dear Members & Volunteers,

Your Naples Free-Net Board of Directors is continually trying to upgrade its service to its members and keep its operating costs as low as possible.
In line with this, a change is taking place on Sunday, April 17, 2011 10am, when we will switch our Internet service from Century Link to our new broadband provider, U.S. Metropolitan Telcom.
After the switch we will be able to service e-mail and websites with higher speed.

All services of the Naples Free-Net will be affected on various levels. As we will also experience an outage of our
NFN Homepage, please refer to our off-site notification service for updates throughout this week until Monday TechNight.


  • NFN Dial-Up Users will experience a complete service outage Sunday morning. The outage will be brief, if as we expect, the
    systems boot-up normally.
  • NFN DSL Users should not experience any outage of their own connection

E-mail Services

  • All NFN members will not be able to send or receive e-mails through NFN servers. The length of the outage
    depends on how fast the ISPs connecting to the Internet will update their DSN servers.
  • NFN Dial-Up users will only experience a short outage
  • NFN DSL Users will experience an outage, until Century Link updates their DNS servers which can
    take anywhere between a few minutes to a couple of hours. Worst case scenario should be 24 hours.
  • All other NFN account holders: You will experience unavailablity of NFN email servers until your Internet service providers DNS servers update to the new IP numbers.
    In average we anticipate that you will be able to access your NFN e-mail within 24 hours again.

If our system is down when you are receiving mail, the sending service will keep trying to send your mail until your mail box becomes available again. All emails will be saved and will eventually arrive in your inbox.

Websites Availability

  • WordPress Sites: No service interruption expected.
  • Storyboard: Interruption until IP changes propagate over the Internet.
    Depending on the visitors Internet service providers, it can take 24 p to 72 hours.
  • Frontpage & Sites hosted on Gator: Interruption until IP changes propagate over the Internet.
    Depending on the visitors Internet service providers, it can take 24 p to 72 hours.
  • NFN Users Webpages /~nfnuser: Interruption until IP changes propagate over the Internet.
    Depending on the visitors Internet service providers, it can take 24 p to 72 hours.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and wish our all-volunteer TechTeam the best of luck in making this transfer!

Birgit Pauli-Haack

Naples Free-Net
(during service upgrade: birgit.pauli@gmail.com)