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NFN DSL is Now Nettally DSL

Effective June 1, 2014, Network Tallahassee (Nettally), which leased lines from Century Link so we could offer you NFN DSL, took over existing NFN DSL operations and is providing full support for the NFN DSL that you had been using.

NFN DSL is now Nettally DSL, also referred to as NTI DSL.

We owe huge thanks to all volunteer as DSL Head Administrators: Ron Bender, Don Frankenberger and Mary Ann Wallace. They tackled a Herculean Task keeping the service up and running and spending countless hours navigation the maze between Century Link, and before that Embarq, NetTally, Model companies and users. If you see or speak to them please thank them as well. Their commitment to excellence and their perseverance to act on behalf NFN DSL users is unmatched.

Active users provided billing information to Nettally during May, 2014 and they began being billed directly by Nettally beginning with the June monthly dsl charges. Network Tallahassee, Inc. (NTI) provides direct support for your dsl connection issues with a toll-free number, 1-866-586-1598.

INACTIVE (SUSPENDED) NFN DSL USERS: You must either call the NFN Helpdesk at 239-417-1400, visit the NFN Office in person, or call Nettally at 1-866-586-1598 explaining you are currently a suspended NFN DSL user and wish to supply billing information and re-activate. You must have your billing information available at the time you call if you have not previously provided it to Network Tallahassee. You do not need to call until you are ready to re-activate.

INFORMATION NEEDED: You will need to provide your billing address, an e-mail contact address (it can be any e-mail address that you use), and choice of billing method: ACH (via a bank account and bank routing number) or credit card. Using a credit card will incur a service charge; there is no service charge if you use ACH.

In Summary:

  1. Your e-mail is NOT changing. NO changes to your e-mail settings. Your dsl line is NOT changing. You are transitioning over at your current basic dsl line rate. There are no changes to your modem.
  2. Support and monthly dsl charges are now done by Network Tallahassee with a toll-free number for you to call with dsl connection problems or when suspending, reactivating, changing speed, cancelling, billing questions: 1-866-586-1598
  3. Premium account renewals will go through the NFN Office Helpdesk the same as non-dsl accounts with automatic e-mail notifications when expiration dates draw near reminding members to renew online, by mail, or by calling the Helpdesk at 239-417-1400 during office hours.

Contact information for Network Tallahassee

  • Nettally Support: 1-866-586-1598 (toll-free number) – 9 am – 6 pm Eastern
  • Non toll-free (direct, from outside US) number: 1-850-671-4007
  • e-mail: (for billing questions)
  • e-mail: (for Nettally DSL support)

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Important Updates for our DSL Users

This message was sent out Monday, May 5, 2014 by Roger Kastel, NFNPresident

To provide better support to our current NFN DSL users, Network Tallahassee (NetTally)  – our current whole-sale partner, will take over existing NFN DSL operations effective with the June, 2014 monthly dsl billing period. All billing and support for dsl will be done by Network Tallahassee rather than NFN DSL. This change will NOT affect members who are using DIAL UP services or other Internet Service Providers for their connections (for example, Comcast, Century Link, Nu-Vu/Summit Broadband, etc.).

This change applies only to our current NFN DSL high speed Internet users and they will be given a toll-free number to call for support or billing questions. If you are uncertain whether this change applies to you, please call the Helpdesk at 417-1400 between 9:30am -1:30pm Mon-Sat with your username and a volunteer will look up your account and confirm whether this applies to you.

DSL operations have become increasingly more complex over the years as changes in technology have increased Internet options and Internet-enabled devices. Our all-volunteer staff has decreased in size over the years as volunteers age, move away, or leave for personal reasons. Members currently using NFN DSL will be better served with direct technical support from Network Tallahassee (Nettally) who offers support during their business hours of 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern time and on a callback basis at other times.

Active NFN DSL users will transition over to Nettally at their existing rates but will need to provide Nettally with billing information. This protects you by ensuring that you are the one providing information directly to Nettally. More information will be sent directly to all active NFN DSL users in a separate e-mail from NFN DSL Administration and active NFN DSL users will have until the end of May to provide Nettally with their information.

Active NFN DSL users who do not provide Nettally with their information will be suspended from NFN DSL on May 31, 2014 and will be required to contact Nettally directly after that date for re-instatement which may cause a delay in their re-activation. Seasonal NFN DSL users who are currently suspended need not do anything until they wish to re-activate. Information will be posted at

The Naples Free-Net continues to expand their offerings to members through Education, One-on-One Tutoring, NFN4Good for Non-Profits, Tuesday Tuneups, and E-mail Services. Memberships include premium accounts for a $68 annual tax-deductible donation as well as standard nfn numbered e-mails for which any voluntary contribution is appreciated. We appreciate the many loyal members we have and thank you for your continued support as we seek to serve you in the best way possible.

Roger Kastel
President, Naples Free-Net